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Hi.  I am Donna Lewis.


There is nothing more exciting than seeing the human spirit in action as we care for others and reach for a deeper life.  I bring to my coaching practice this raw love for human stories, and almost twenty years of experience with women, children and families in the fields of public policy and social work in the United States.  I have had the honor of directing some of the most wonderful non-profit organizations locally and nationally.  I can't get away from it.  I hold a firm commitment to cheering we humans on to use our strengths, knowledge and experience to discover the change we really desire, and accomplish it.

This is my family.

These people make my life sing.  I was married for the first time in my late 30s, and would not trade the wait for this man for anything in the world.  I still get a little giddy that he is mine for good. 


My three girls are a wonder.  Because we have the privilege (and have chosen the sacrifice) of homeschooling, we all help to sharpen and promote growth in each other daily.  Developing a deep relationship with them to cheer them on towards a life that counts is my absolute fulfillment and my foremost job, behind serving Jesus and loving my husband.

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